• Railing side: (included with the set of crib) without this, the cradle is used as a sidecar bed (attached to the bed), but if the rail is installed, the cot allows an independent use for cohabitation or for a use as a bed and an independent bedroom. The rail has two height positions and is easily removable for a daily use. For example you can place it when the baby is taking a mid day rest and you can remove it out by night to connect the cradle to the mother's bed (side by side sleeping).

  • Wheels: if you need more mobility than the sliders that carries the cradle. These are easy assembly and these respect any type of pavement. Two of the four wheels have brakes in compliance with the UNE EN 716-1:2008.

  • Chest of drawers: You can buy a drawer cabinet with the same materials and finishes of the crib. Dimensions: 90x48x90cm (width x depth x height). Handles grooved integrated in front, over curved shape.

  • For the mattress (not included) we recommend our mattress traditional wool (with blanket 100% cotton) that provides a better quality of sleep of the child, is ergonomically ideal for baby's health and hypoallergenic. In addition to the 7 or 8 kilograms of wool that carry the mattress, these are usable for a long life, since you can re-create any mattress: for children, youth, matress single or double. We also offer the service wash the cover and recompose of the matress, if it becomes soiled. Moreover, in the market you will find other alternatives such as organic cotton, and latex, that are also more environmentally friendly than synthetic foam and the matress of springs.

  • If you want your baby be more covered in the cradle you can add a protective head and sides: short age babies or dynamic babies you can find the protective padded with several textile finishing. There are some mothers that select this choice, installing one at head and one at foot. Suffice to say that the flat design and with no edges of the cradle avoids impacts with the bars like is usual with on other types of cots present on the market, so the padded is not strictly necessary.

  • As for the clothes for bedding, on the market will find many bed sets: standard size (120x60 cm) and with the style that matches the bed. Note that the main sheet should be one made of 100% cotton and organic cotton, even for all the pieces that have to be in contact with the baby's skin. To dress the Ecobressol that is shown in the photographs that we offer on this website, we had the opportunity to use on the textiles of trust 'La Giraffa bianca e blu', a national clothing company that makes quality pique fabric.