• Bedsharing: baby sleeps with his parents, in the same bed or in adjacent bed. En anglès, el terme es tradueix per side by side sleeping i, en castellà, per colecho . In English can be also named side by side sleeping.
  • Sidecar cot: favors the side by side sleeping. It’s done by fixing the cot to the parents bed.
  • On demand breast feeding: the baby should be fed whenever he want and for as long as he want.
  • Nightly cohabitation: the baby sleeps in the same room of parents, but in a separate bed. El bressol que us presentem permet afegir una segona barana lateral mòbil per fer-ne un bressol independent. The cradle will allow you to add a second side rail to convert it in an independent cot.
  • Personal experience: our own experience in parenting led us to create a cot for private use. Is for this reason that we want to offer it to you, because it’s practical.