With the Ecobressol creation, as a sidecar-bed, we give an alternative solution to all of you that are afraid of the co-sleeping, but at the same time wanted the proximity and comfortability of sleeping closed to your baby, as if he/she will be at your bed, then, it has no the inconvenients of the co-sleeping and of the co-habitation.

See all its advantages:

  1. Decreases the reaction time of the mother, so the baby is feeded more often, and both mother and baby sleep more.

  2. Promotes REMís sleep fase. Not only they sleep more, but they sleep deeply: baby has not to wake up neither has to cry to alert the mother because she feels his/her need and covers. In addition, we must not take out baby from bed or lie him down again.

  3. Abdominal motherís effort is avoided, thanks to the cot height that is more appropriate comparatively to the parents bed. Mother has not to wake up neither take out the baby of the moises. This is helpfully during the first days after birth when the mother's belly still hurts, but in the long run, because it improves the recovery efforts abdominal pelvic floor.

  4. Because the cot bed size, this can be used longer than the crib. Extends further breastfeeding at night, while the investment pays for itself.

  5. If during the first weeks you see the cradle too large, you can adjust it a protective head and it will seem more comfortable, some times mothers place it in both the head and feet. Anyway, thanks to rounded edges and sleek design, it is avoided any clash with the bars present on most cots, therefore, protections are not necessary.

  6. Due to the Ecobressol cot can be used as a separate bed, it will prevents child gets used to sleep in the bed of parents. When the baby is older, or if you want to wean him, you just have to install the rail bed and go away the cot gradually, until it could be placed in another room without the sudden change because is so traumatic (it is well known that the baby movement from bed parents directly to the next room could cause him a shock).

Surely your common sense will help you find solutions that fit everyday household and your lifestyle. We hope Ecobressol will be useful in that wonderful way.


This website is not intended only as a means to advertise a product, therefore it want to be a tool of awareness of the importance of breastfeeding, while providing information, resources and links for both releases as you mothers / parents who want to delve into a maternity / paternity leave next to your child.

Dr. Mirta Roses, director of WHO (World Health Organization) says, quote: "The decision about infant feeding should not be described as linked to a choice but a lifestyle choice linked to reproduction which promotes optimal health for mothers and babies life. "

If you are visiting our website is because you are aware of the importance of breastfeeding, even if you consider it as an option, see the list of links that are proposed, you will find the information you need

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