• Natural materials: we use plywood panel made of Poplar wood and Calabo. Our suppliers of wood certified by their source controlled by the FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification). The adhesives used have minimal emissions of formaldheids according to analysis DIN EN 717-2:1995-01, classification E1; these emissions are comparable to those of the resin of the wood.

  • Ecological varnishes: water-based, they are free of solvents and heavy metals, in compliance with DIN EN 71-3. This type of finish of the wood, not only are recommend for the users, but for the same furniture, because allow the transpiration of the wood, do not creates layer, protects the material while enhancing the color and texture warm.

  • The EcoBressol is entirely manufactured in our workshop, located in the Catalonia (Spain), where we take care of all the processes from beginning to the end. Obviously we are concious of the wood recycling and its post-processing and at the same time we oversee a move towards the use of materials and finishes environmental friendly.

  • The Eco Cradle is under study for the distinctive quality assurance scheme for wood products (DGQA) of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

  • Safety study: parts and fittings tight to avoid scratches. Rounded edges and no outstanding to avoid accidents. Distance between bars of 50 mm (the regulations set by the distance between 45 and 65mm). Fixing the bed with a strap that prevents unwanted movement. Two of the four wheels have brakes, as indicated by the regulations (optional wheels). UNE: EN 716-1:2008 / EN 716-2:2008 / EN 71-3:1996.

  • Adjustable in height: at the time of assembly, to adjust the height of the support mattress of the baby to make it the same level as the parental bed mattress.

  • Railing with two positions and easily mountable and removable.

  • Compact and lightweight: Adjusted proportions and light weight, thanks to the plywood of Poplar wood. Total External Dimensions: 125x65x95cm (length x width x height). See map.

  • Variety of finishes: Lasure colorless or various shades of wood, lacquer within a range of pleasing colors. In lacquered models, working with the same wooden board, which gives a matt finish with open pores, giving a feeling of natural material.



Link to the  GREEN AREA of our providor of wood "Garnica Plywood" 

      __________ 01. Pine __________

      __________ 02. Teak __________

      __________ 03. Cedar __________

      __________ 04. Grey __________

      __________ 05. White (Decapé effect) __________

      __________ 00. Natural (non varnished) __________

      __________ 06. White lacquered __________

      __________ 07. Apricot lacqered __________

Pass the cursor over each image and you will see Ecobressol expanded in each of finishes.

You can request a custom color such as varnish, lacquer, see the price list for the options:

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